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Elevate your capabilities

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  • Our clear, persistent communication, contracts know-how & industry knowledge allows you to stay focused on your global mission
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  • Our technology & product development helps SOF maintain their asymmetric advantage- we can address future threats right now
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  • USG procurement, Foreign Military Sales & International distribution channel strategies—
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About Us

Aquila International (AQI) formed in 2016 to better support those at the tip of the spear. We supply, design, & develop gear military units use to succeed. We tirelessly support our end users & industry partners and give back to those who preserve our freedom.

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  • AQI's Mission is to elevate your capabilities

  • At AQI, we understand SOF Truths so we’ve aligned our operations to better support this unique customer:

    • Humans are more important than hardware
    • Quality is better than quantity
    • Special Operations Forces cannot be mass produced
    • Competent SOF cannot be created after the emergencies occur
    • Most SOF require non-SOF assistance

Technology & Product Development

We design and develop electro-optics, nextgen communications, FLIR, MWIR, image processing, and more…

Foreign Military Sales Strategies

We strategize effective & efficient global defense market approaches

Sales Consulting

USG contracting options, channel strategies, international FMS/DCS sales

Global Sales & Distribution

Do you want to take your product overseas?