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Though delivering SOF capabilities is our primary focus, our technology also serves industries beyond National Security: Transportation, Oil & Gas, Mining, Outdoor, and more...


We develop technology to help Special Operations Forces (SOF) maintain an asymmetric advantage addressing the following problem sets:

  • Strategic and Tactical Signature Management
  • Contested Environment Situational Awareness
  • Tactical Communication
  • Tactical Remote/Autonomous Systems

Our products improve communications reliability in the field, reduce operator signature, and provide greater situational awareness:

  • We deliver standalone solutions and can integrate with traditional equipment as an additional tool for the warfighter
  • Our technology includes electro-optics, FLIR, MWIR, image processing, and more
  • AQI is nimble, flexible and SOF-focused--capable of design, development, & rapid-prototyping

Current efforts:

Underwater communications kits

Underwater communications kits providing voice and data communications up to 10Mbps in underwater environments up to 300 meters. The modular underwater kits would allow for diver communications with unmanned underwater/surface vehicles.

Denied area communication kits

Denied area communication kits providing scalable, voice and data communications up to 10Mbps in various denied environments up to and over 5km range. Denied area communications kits Integrate-able with autonomous vehicles & UAS assets to expand point-to-point capabilities when necessary.

Persistent non-RF, radar UAS/SUAS detection system

Persistent non-RF, radar UAS/SUAS detection system with a range in excess of 2km independent of target command and control links. Targets will be tracked, geo-registered, and shown on Google Maps with GPS coordinates- ideally suited for border, port, and sensitive site security & surveillance mission sets.

Non-laser rangefinder

Non-laser rangefinder that removes the current operational emission threat. Product capability will meet or exceed current field requirements for existing rangefinders. Additionally, the NLRF will incorporate additional sensors (compass, etc.) as necessary.